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Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Please continue to check the website for updates. 

Quarter Course Professor
Fall 2020

TWS 20: Intro to Third World Studies: Cinema of the Third World, Iranian Cinema

*This course can also count as TWS 25 for majors and minors

Babak Rahimi
Winter 2021 TWS 22: Latin American Literature

Max Parra

Spring 2021 TWS 20

Jody Blanco


Tentative Courses

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Winter and Spring courses will be updated when schedule is released.

Fall 2020

Winter 2021




ANSC 165: Contemporary South Asia

Ethnic Studies:





HILA 121A:

History of Brazil through 1889 


HIAF 112:

West Africa Since 1880


HILA 162: Special Topics in Latin American History


HIAF 161: 

Special Topics in African History


HILA 101 Nation-State Formation in Latin America



HIAF 111: Modern Africa Since 1880

HILA 102

Latin America in the Twentieth Century

HIEA 131:

China in War & Revolution, 1911-1949

HIAF 113: Small Wars and the Global Order: Africa and Asia

HILA 131

A History of Mexico

HILA 132: 

Modern Mexico, Revolution to Drug War Violence+

HIEA 137 Women and Family in Chinese Historyu

HILA 162

Special Topics in Latin American History: Politics of Development

HILA 162:

Special Topics in Latin American History


LTEN 189: Twentieth-Century Postcolonial Literatures

LTAM 110

Latin American Literature in Translation

LTLA 133:

Contemporary Latin American Literature

LTSP 135A: Mexican Literature Before 1910

LTEN 189

20th Century Postcolonial Literatures: Pacific Island Literatures

LTAM 110: 

Latin American Literature in Translation

LTSP 135B 

Modern Mexican Literature

LTCS 133: 

Globalization and Culture

LTAM 110: Latin American Literature in Translation

LTSP 172 

Indigenista Themes in Latin American Literature





Political Science:

POLI 134D: Selected Topics in Latin American Politics


POLI 150A: 

Politics of Immigration


POLI 146A. The U.S. and Latin America: Political and Economic Relations




SOCI 185. Globalization and Social Development


Latin America: Society & Politics

SOCI 139:

Social Inequality: Class, Race, Gencder



SOCI 139

Social Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender 

SOCI 158: 

Islam in the Modern World




SOCI 187: 

African Societies Through Film

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